Student comments 2019/學生感受2019

Although students had found it tough adapting to the living conditions and the language barrier made it difficult for some to communicate with the local children, the experience of meeting new people and making new friends made the trip a great success. Here are some comments by students at the end of the trip.


虽然学生难以适应白湾的生活条件而语言的隔阂亦成为部份学生和当地孩子沟通的障碍,但在这里见识和认识新朋友的经历却令旅程显得十分成功。 以下是2019年度学生团在旅程结束时写下的部分感言。

Being in Baiwan also exposed me to a different way of life than what I am used to, whether it be at home in Hong Kong or in the other metropolitan areas that I spend my time in. Seeing a place so quiet and vacant of adults made me think about how my own life could have been had I grown up here. Most importantly, however, interacting with the children in Baiwan places a human face on all of the progress that the Baiwan charity has been making, through funds raised party by Nansen House activities. If my presence has made a significant impact on the lives of the children I have met, I have the imperative to return home with a renewed sense of gratitude, and to help (financially or otherwise) give them the opportunities necessary to live as best a life as possible.

身處白湾,令我體會了與過去不同的生活方式, 無論在香港家中, 還是居住過的大都會。 看到一個如此寧靜和罕有成年人的社區, 讓我思考若果我在這裡長大我的生活會怎麼樣。然而, 最重要的是, 跟白湾孩仔們的互動,令白湾慈善基金取得的所有進展都變得人性化,而這些進展部份來自藍社的籌款活動。 如果我的存在對這些兒童的生活產生了重大影響, 我會帶著全新的感激之情回家, 並幫助他們 (在財政或其他方面) 給予他們必要的機會, 讓他們儘可能去過最好的生活。

身处白湾,令我体会了与过去不同的生活方式, 无论在香港家中, 还是居住过的大都会。 看到一个如此宁静和罕有成年人的小区, 让我思考若果我在这里长大我的生活会怎么样。然而, 最重要的是, 跟白湾孩仔们的互动,令白湾慈善基金取得的所有进展都变得人性化,而这些进展部份来自蓝社的筹款活动。 如果我的存在对这些儿童的生活产生了重大影响, 我会带着全新的感激之情回家, 并帮助他们 (在财政或其他方面) 给予他们必要的机会, 让他们尽可能去过最好的生活。
Watching them smile and chat with one another and proudly exhibit their works to friends put a smile on my face. It was invaluable to have little kids come to you and ask for drawings and something you can only truly feel here. On the last day, my friend gave me a paper plate that a child from our class yesterday made for me. She/He remembered my name and decided to make something for me. I really realised the strong community in Baiwan and the relationships and memories that can be formed in a seemingly short, mere 40/45 minutes.


看着他们微笑着互相聊天,骄傲地向朋友们展示他们的作品,我脸上露出了笑容。 有小孩子来找你,问你可否给他们画些什么,是你在这里才能真正感受到的无价东西。 最后一天,我的朋友给了我一张纸盘,那是我们昨天班上一个孩子给我做的。 她/他记得我的名字,决定为我做点什么。 我真的感受到白湾这个强大小区的力量,以及在一个似乎很短暂的只有40至45分钟时间内可以形成的关系和记忆。
The kids in Baiwan were so eager to learn, and were so thankful for having the opportunity to go to school. That is something we really don’t realize when we go to school, that it is a privilege. We can learn so much from people who are less privileged than we are, because they evidently are better able to see what is important in life.

白灣的孩子們非常渴望學習,非常感謝有機會上學。當我們上學時,我們確實沒有意識到這是一種特權。 我們可以從那些比我們更沒有特權的人那裡學到很多東西,因為他們顯然能夠看到生活中什麼是重要的。

白湾的孩子们非常渴望学习,非常感谢有机会上学。当我们上学时,我们确实没有意识到这是一种特权。 我们可以从那些比我们更没有特权的人那里学到很多东西,因为他们显然能够看到生活中什么是重要的。


This friend that I made last year played a large role when I was deciding my quest week trip of 2019, I really wanted to go back to Baiwan to see her and to see all the smiling faces of our students when they enjoy our lesson. I was able to realise that there is so much that we take for granted in our lives and the things that students experience in the lessons could be a lifelong memory for them and that a little kindness goes a long way.

我去年所交的朋友在我決定2019年旅行地點時扮演了一大角色,我真的很想回到白灣去看她,看學生享受我們的課堂時展露的笑臉。 我能夠意識到在我們的生活中,有太多習以為常的東西,學生在課堂中的體驗可能是他們終生的記憶,而一點善意會大有作為。

我去年所交的朋友在我决定2019年旅行地点时扮演了一大角色,我真的很想回到白湾去看她,看学生享受我们的课堂时展露的笑脸。 我能够意识到在我们的生活中,有太多习以为常的东西,学生在课堂中的体验可能是他们终生的记忆,而一点善意会大有作为。