About Us


The Baiwan Charity aims to improve the quality of education for children in Baiwan. With the support of Island School and other interested parties, we have upgraded the facilities for schools in Baiwan since 1998. We have provided scholarship and other resources for the children there. We have also supported needy students from other rural areas of Qingyuan to continue secondary and post-secondary education.



If you are interested to help needy children in the mountainous areas of Qingyuan and the Baiwan left-behind children in particular, please contact Katherine Chiu. You may want to visit Bai Wan first before you make any commitments. Some Island School teachers visit Bai Wan during school holidays. You are welcome to join them.



The Baiwan Charity Limited is a registered charitable organisation. Our organisation has been granted exemption from tax under S88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. IRD No.: 91/12320

Account number for donation: Wing Lung Bank 020-628-000-3540-5

白灣慈善基金有限公司是一個註冊慈善組織,本會根據稅務條例獲准豁免繳稅;稅務局編號為 91/12320


白湾慈善基金有限公司是一个注册慈善组织,本会根据税务条例获准豁免缴税;税务局编号为 91/12320