Beautiful Baiwan/美麗的白灣


The land formation of Baiwan is similar to that of Gui Lin, both are limestone regions. Baiwan is therefore one of the four places in the world which possess this unique landscape. Nevertheless, its spectacular scenery does not attract the same attention as Gui Lin – one of the most popular sight-seeing places in China.  Baiwan is therefore an unexploited heaven for hikers. Even if you are not a fan of hiking, you will certainly admire the spectacular Milky Way in a clear sky at night.




You can visit the small villages scattered around the hills and attend the local market which is held every 5th and 10th of each month. Peasants from remote villages will sell their agricultural products in the market and take home rice and other essential household products.



DSC09647If you are lucky, you may buy some organic beans and sweet corns which are free of genetic engineering. Bean curd sheets are one of the specialties of Bai Wan. The calcium-rich water there produces probably the most tasteful bean curd in the world. Don’t forget to order a dish of plain bean curd when you are there.




The local guesthouses provide a clean bed and a hot shower. You can take a good rest at night which is around 25C even at the heat of summer. It is best to hike Bai Wan during November when the weather is dry and warm. A few days’ expenses in Bai Wan will only be a few hundred RMB and is ideal for budget travelers.


Usually, you can get a room at the guesthouses without advance booking except during the week when Island School students visit Bai Wan. They usually occupy almost every bed available in town!