The way ahead/脫貧之道

Some children in Bai Wan have never left this remotely located mountainous area to see the outside world. There is limited stimulation in their lives to motivate their creativity and their desire to break through the vicious cycle of poverty.



Over-population is the source of poverty in Bai Wan. The government has been trying to relocate Bai Wan residents to places closer to the Qing Yuan city centre. As a result, primary schools in the more remote villages have been closed since 2005. However, it costs a family 7000 RMB to build a new house and the school fees outside Bai Wan are more expensive. As a result, the poorest families have to stay. 

人口過多是白灣貧窮的主要原因.政府曾嘗試遷徙白灣居民到比較接近清遠市中心的地區.因此,由 2005年起關閉了較為偏遠的鄉村小學. 但每個遷徙的家庭需要花費約人民幣七千元去重建新屋,而且離開白灣後更要負擔昂貴的學費,所以最貧窮的家庭仍然會選擇留下來.


Since most of the students are left-behind children, the lack of family support makes it difficult for poor children to improve their grades. However, with the efforts of the teachers, it began to be a little vibrant, for example, art creation saw a little novelty.